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Tik Tok Dances Competition

TIME: 8pm

Watch the best Tik Tok dancers of Seminole, OK as they perform family friendly dances competing for the grand prize. 


Please fill out the form on this page. You will be sent more information through email. Participants are expected to show up at 7:30pm. All can participate, however, groups over 5 are not allowed. 


Magic in the Hamptons - Social House

Something New - Wiz Khalifa

Blinding Lights - The Weekend

Oh Na Na Na  - Bong r300

Hit Yo Rolie - Nahzzy and Legend

Laxed - Jawsh 685


1st Place - Community Room Rental

2nd & 3rd place winners have a choice of different awards when they win. 

The choices are as followed:

-Day Pass At Reynold's Wellness Center

-Free Camping at Sportsman Lake (2 day)

-Free  Boating at Sportsman Lake (1 day)

Tik Tok Dance Competition

Please fill out the application to participate in the competition. 

Good Luck!

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