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Quaratine In Seminole

We have had some fun activities in Seminole already while practicing social distancing, and look forward to more. Read this to find out how you can get involved with the quarantine safe activities in Seminole.


Our first big hit of quarantine season was a drive thru zoo where Seminole residents and businesses displayed stuffed animals in their windows. You can follow this groups activities by joining their Facebook group. They are planning another seek and find using Easter displays.


The Seminole Arts Council is hosting a photo scavenger hunt. People are sending in pictures of the photo assignment every day. The assignments are always something you can find at home. Follow their assignments on their Facebook page.


If you are still looking more for safe quarantine activities, try reading at this article. Seminole encourages you to stay home and stay safe to fight Covid-19. We also encourage you to enjoy your families time while everyone is home. Play games. Read books. Learn something new.

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