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A Girl's Getaway in Seminole, OK

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Seminole, Oklahoma is a small, quaint town that is great for a girl's getaway. It is a quick drive located in between OKC and Tulsa. Here is a list of places to go with your favorite gal's when you come.



Start with at one of Seminole's local cafes. Debbie's Bus Station Cafe is a local favorite that has historic value. This cafe owner knows her customers by name and often has their orders memorized. Boomerang Diner is another suggestion that has a hearty breakfast to get you through your adventures for the whole day. Both of these place were voted the top places to eat a burger in Seminole if your group prefers lunch instead of breakfast.



After your brunch, continue seeing Seminole's downtown by visiting Pirate's Cove, The Country Rose, and Sharpe's in Seminole. Get a pedicure or manicure at our downtown nail salons A Nails or New Nails. Don't forget to take a picture for your Instagram with the murals near downtown. You can find the Midwest Horses at 208 East Oak along with a couple other murals.



When your ready to work out, you can head over to Main Street Yoga or the Reynold's Wellness Center for a class. You and your friends will enjoy exercising in both places. If you prefer an outdoor work out, walk our trail around Magnolia Park in town or take a short drive Sportsman Lake. You may even enjoy biking one of many mountain bike trails at St. Crispin's. To view St. Crispin's open trail hours check out their Facebook page where they post weekly.



After you work up an appetite, enjoy one of the Mexican restaurants Seminole has to offer. Cazadores is a local favorite along with Chuchin's and Don Ciro's. They all offer free chips and salsa, and have scenic atmospheres full of bright colors to enjoy.



Continue enjoying Seminole's friendly atmosphere by shopping at one of the clothing boutiques. GrayAsh, The Rustic Pearl, and Streams of Grace are all local shops that have unique fashion and styles. Find Oklahoma shirts, jeans, a date outfit, and the latest trends at these shops.

Click here to explore more of Seminole, OK.

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1 comentario

21 nov 2019

Downtown Seminole is such a great spot to explore! I especially love the old signs and the other treasures found from times past like the tiled entries that are found in front of a few buildings. Also, the Patty Melt at Boomerang is to die for.

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